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Monday, June 29, 2020

Under the Red Umbrella: A Simple Marketing Template

Educators are key actors to a better understanding of the challenges of our complex world. If we work together in DKG to make our world more knowledge driven and use our diverse professional experiences, we will provide a foundation for the younger generations to identify both problems and solutions in order to build sustainable societies for the future.
But how to reach our goals? To highlight the importance of DKG inside and outside the organization we need clear objectives and a functional plan. Therefore, the Communication and Marketing Committee has unfurled the Red Umbrella Five-Step Plan. You may call it marketing but in reality, it is a matter of effectively communicating what we are doing as a Society for our members, but also for the Society at large.
The five steps are 
  1.   Identify and find target audience,
  2. Grab attention of target audience,
  3. Build the relationship, 
  4. Follow up, and 
  5. Close the “sale.”
Grab the attention may be the hardest step. There are so many teacher associations and unions in the educator’s world – in particular if we apply a global perspective. The way to engage potential members is to highlight the importance of knowledge through announcing interesting educational, current societal, global and complex matters for discussion and debate.
Think of a grey and rainy day in a square full of members with red umbrellas. What a lovely and inspiring view…

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