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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

35 Great Tips for Using Google Apps

Google Drive and its associated apps are becoming more and more useful to states, chapters, and active teachers. As more committees collaborate, the need to share materials is growing. Teachers find the apps to be extremely helpful. The following list is not intended to be a basic “How To” but rather an extension of information on apps that are already being used. The notable exception is the first one in the list. Many of these come from sources that could become a go-to source. Explore while you are there! 

Beginners Guide to Google Docs:  

Google Forms Tips::  

How to Use Keep Notes in Google Docs. 

All about Google “things” for teachers: 

A really great description of Google Keep!  
Adding grading comments to a Google doc using Google Keep: 

A well-done video on integrating Google Docs and Google Keep. This teacher does a superb job on all his videos. Many subscribe to this YouTube Channel.  

Using non-YouTube videos in Google slides:  

REALLY great 7 Geeky Google doc tips!!!  

12 ways to get more precise Google search results. Great infographic! 

Google now fact checking their news AND Google search! 

New from Google: Auto Draw. Demo here in video.  

Accessing student writing in Google docs using WriQ:  

Resources from Google Teacher Tribe 
Part 2 will be posted next week. Please return for more great links and tips.

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