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Monday, September 19, 2016

Ready, Set, Initiate!

Have you made plans for your chapter to grow this year?  If you have not already considered using the new Membership Recruitment Plan, you might check it out!  Find an overview and sample documents under the Resources tab at

The plan preserves the integrity of the invitation to membership (honor) and the initiation ceremony (tradition), but allows for a more effective way to present the Society to prospective members.  By changing the order of the process, prospective members are oriented to the organization before being invited to join.  And the chapter has already approved the list of prospects, so initiation plans can be made easily and quickly.

And one really exciting part is that the plan also engages chapter members as mentors to the new members - a simple, effective and purposeful way to keep new members active in DKG for life. In fact, mentors can be a great way to engage transferred and reinstated members in chapter activities as well.

For assistance or more information, contact us at

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