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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why We Founded DKG!

Dedicated educators of every era and every place want to know more and be more and do more to impact the lives of their students. They want students to realize that knowledge is the element that opens the horizons of their lives. Educators apply the ethic of solid and committed work to improve the lives of others. Because of their often unnoticed and unrewarded devotion to their careers in the early 20th century, Delta Kappa Gamma was born for those women who were frequently alone and neglected, both personally and professionally.
 We women had to force the issue of restrictions on our social lives and arbitrary complacency about our work lives. We endeavored to improve our lot, to be recognized as equal contributors and to gain equal status. We appeared to be soft, ladylike, gracious— but underneath we were firebrands pioneering for the kind of professional life we knew we deserved.  Thank goodness social standards for women educators are much improved. Our personal risks made the way for women educators to have fulfilling careers, satisfying recognition and gratifying lives. We were spirits of steel wearing hats and gloves.

I want women teachers to feel the strength of unity, to have the courage that comes from certain respect and regard from their colleagues. I never want a woman educator to feel separated from recognition of her abilities as a leader and as a whole person. A woman educator working with others for others is a power to be reckoned with. Let a woman educator set her mind to a goal, and she is Strength itself. Give her the support, spirit, and encouragement of other women educators, and the obstacles to her goal fall away. I am proud of the accomplishments of the Founders, and just as important, I am proud of this lasting and broad Society of women educators that we started 88 years ago. Honor us Founders by honoring each other.

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