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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SW Regional Enjoyed Hawaiian Aloha Spirit

Aloha! Palm trees, ocean breezes, being in Hawaii: A perfect setting for the women of the Southwest Region to gather for their 2017 conference. While at times it was hard not to want to walk on the beach instead of attending a session, more than 500 members attended every general session and lots of wonderful and informative workshops. From the pre-conference trainings, to the opening night hula dancers, to the amazing speakers, DKG members were treated to the true Aloha spirit by the members from Hawaii.
Throughout the conference the words “simplify” and “change” were spoken.  We even did a Survey Monkey on our phones during the “Celebrating Our Milestones” birthday luncheon. Talk about change! Carolyn Pittman, our International President, encouraged chapters to focus on the members, relationships, relevant programs, and meaningful projects. Changes to our Constitution were discussed. It was stressed by many that it is our responsibility as members to be informed about the proposed revisions to our Constitution so that we will be ready to vote next summer in Austin.

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