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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

BAM! Radio? Try Something New!

BAM! Radio may have gone unnoticed by many. BAM! is an acronym for “Body And Mind” and was conceived in 2007 on the premise that the key to success in life for children and youth is nurturing a healthy body and healthy mind. Today BAM Radio is the largest education radio network in the world, offering programming from the nation's top education organizations and thought leaders and reaching a wide audience of people passionately committed to quality education.

Why bring this resource to your attention? Bam! Radio has great information, great sources, short sessions (10 minutes or less)—but best of all, you can listen while you are in your car or relaxing at home.
Resources for teachers, leaders, and ed technologists include many recognizable names and some new ones. You can choose just to listen to one presentation or subscribe to all presentations for a given source.

A few sources Include:

Is it time that you listened to topics that explain, excite, or give you inspiration? If so, explore one or more of the Bam! Radio channels.

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