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Monday, December 4, 2017

Overlooked Email Courtesies

You have an important update for your chapter. You type a short, to-the- point email. That is appreciated on the receiving end. But you spoil it all by putting everyone’s email address in the “To” portion.  To do so is considered poor manners by many, but it is really unacceptable from a privacy stance. Most group emails should have the addresses put in the “Bcc” slot. There are a few exceptions, but making a habit of using Bcc is really best.

You just received an email from someone in DKG. Do you just delete it or do you quickly send a reply? Common courtesy suggests that you reply with at least a “Thank you” or “Got it.” You don’t have to write volumes, but a brief reply lets the writer know that the email was received. This courtesy alone would eliminate a multitude of questions and worry that emails are not being delivered.

Will you make an effort to reply to all DKG emails and use Bcc when appropriate?


  1. While I agree with the BCC tip, I don't agree with the "Thank you"/"Got it" tip. If I send 50 emails a day (which I usually do), I don't particularly want 50 emails that basically confirm receipt of the email. That is what delivery notification options on emails is for. I will respond to an email if the sender specifically asks me to respond.

  2. I really appreciate your comment. I hadn’t considered that. However, on my Mac, no regular email app will provide a receipt for each person in a group email. I do not use any service like Constant Contact. Am I missing an app that will do that?


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