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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ensuring You Get Emails from DKG!

It has happened to everyone. You send an email and it doesn’t get to the person. It isn’t in their junk/spam folder. It doesn’t come back to you. It can’t be found. What is happening? 
A blocked bounce indicates that something on the receiving end is preventing the email from being delivered. Often this happens with addresses that are delivered to secure companies, such as banks or schoolsbut blocking can happen to anyone. Some internet providers are known to block all bulk mail (i.e., a message you send to a number of people on one email) and prevent emails from coming through or even only have an "allowed" list that causes every other address to be blocked.  
In addition, the tier or level of your provider can cause problems. There are currently three tiers. The first tier includes the major providers such as AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, etc. Companies that pay level one providers for access are considered level two. Companies that pay level two for access are considered level three. Level three companies frequently cause issues for email delivery. Think about it: an email sent to a level three provider must go through level one and level two to get to the address. So if your email address is suzy@mainstreetlibrary, chances are high that your provider is level three. 

What can be done to circumvent this problem? Anyone currently using a school address or an obscure provider should consider setting up a Gmail address. It is simple to do. Complete directions are HERE 
Share your Gmail address with your chapter/state/International. Make sure you are getting all of your DKG email! 

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