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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Leaders’ Calendar: A Best Kept Secret

If you are in any leadership position in your chapter, you know it is sometimes hard to remember deadlines… and you need reminders. Did you know there is a Leaders’ Calendar available?

There are several ways to access these calendars. Yes, there are several. The main ones are:  Chapter Leaders, Chapter Membership Chairs, Chapter Presidents, Chapter Treasurers.

The easiest way, is to go to the International website. Click on TOOLS and then on Chapter Leaders Calendar. Notice that you can get it as a PDF document. See Figure 1 below.
For those of you who have a Google (Gmail) account, a Google calendar is easy and may be more user friendly. It is larger and you can include your personal calendar as well as that of your chapter/state organization. You can also set notifications for any of the individual calendars. Nice! See Figures 2 & 3.


If you don’t have a Gmail (Google) account, it is well worth your consideration. This LINK will take you to another blog entry that explains the advantages and how to set one up.
Don’t wait. Check it out today. A calendar with notifications will save you a lot of headaches.

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