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Thursday, June 21, 2018

More Food for Thought on Proposed Amendments

This continues a series of blogs related to proposed amendments to the DKG Constitution and the International Standing Rules recommended by the International Membership Committee. This post explains our proposal to remove the requirement that training for state membership chairs must be held prior to regional conferences.

Article VIII - Committees
Section B. Society Business
7. Membership Committee*- appointed
b. The committee and the appropriate professional staff shall provide training for incoming state organization membership chairs.

  • By removing the restriction that training has to occur at the regional conferences, the Society is given the flexibility to conduct training any time that best meets the needs of the state membership chairs
Article X - International Conventions and Regional Conferences
Section C. International Conferences
1. Training
c. Training will be provided for incoming state organizational membership chairs.

  • This gives the Society flexibility in how the training is presented
  • While we feel it is best to be able to conduct training with other state membership chairs, that is not always possible due to job or family obligations and/or financial constraints prohibiting some state membership chairs from attending.
  • The International Membership Committee piloted a set of webinars of the regional training for those who were not able to attend the last regional. These webinars can be found at Not only do these webinars provide information to state membership chairs who were not able to attend the preconference sessions but they also will serve as a reference for all state membership chairs.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a very sensible change to me. As a former State President, it seems to me that anything that will make it easier to conduct DKG business is a welcome change.


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