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Thursday, June 6, 2019


Through the years the Leadership Management Seminar, now known as DKG: Ignite, has taken on several redesigns. In the beginning years, the seminar was held each year, but cost constraints limited it to being held as a pre- or post-convention seminar, as it is today. The length and extra activities have varied over time while the curriculum has not reflected changing trends in the field. Through studying the overall program and the cost of maintaining the program as it is, the 2018-2020 Golden Gift Fund Committee’s findings show the program is not sustainable for the future without major changes.

The committee has discussed ways to maintain the quality of the program and provide for sustainability. These considerations include:
  • Focus on members active in leadership roles or pursuing leadership roles
  • Reduce the program from two weeks to one
  • Remove activities that do not support the program
  • Recuse the number of participants from 30 to 20
  • Include short evening sessions that focus on the Society and/or participant well-being
  • Provide a curriculum designed for 21st Century leader.  One that …
    • provides insight into new ways of exercising leadership
    • utilizes effective strategies to address the extraordinary demands placed on leaders today
    • supports ethics, values and principles.

The committee believes these changes will enhance and enrich the training for our future leaders.


  1. I had the most enlightening and appropriate experience at the 2016 Leadership Management Seminar. I love the new name, DKG-Ignite. I hope the new format provides the same inspirational and effective experiences as I was fortunate to have.

  2. These changes actually make it so I can apply! Leaving my children for two weeks was out of the question, but one week is manageable!


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