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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Are you making a difference? Get involved at the state and national level - Learning Advocacy skills

DKG members, do you want to improve the prospects of future generations of American women and children and educational issues? If so, it is crucial that you let your voice be heard.
  • Advocate for issues that are important to your community, state, and even nation.
  • Know the underlying legislation for your issue.
  • Know the facts and have a clear and concise message.
  • Start by writing letters to your elected officials and editors of newspapers.
  • Let your voice be heard on unfavorable actions.
  • Use personal testimonies to support your cause.
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with legislators and their aides.
  • Engage the public and make your voice heard.
  • Check out the following website for more information. 

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