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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Scholarship vs Grant-in-aid

Many members ask what the difference is between a scholarship and a grant-in-aid.  For reporting purposes scholarships are awarded to Delta Kappa Gamma members and grants-in-aid are awarded to non-members.  Chapters and state organizations can call them whatever they choose, keeping in mind how it is reported each year.

Grants-in-aid and scholarships are awarded at all levels of the Society. At the international level the Scholarship Committee awards $10,000 to qualifying members pursuing a PhD and $6,000 to qualifying members pursuing an advanced degree. At the international level, grants-in-aid are awarded by the World Fellowship Committee to non-members attending a college or university in the United States or an approved university in Canada. State organizations give scholarships to qualifying members working on degrees, receiving special training, professional development or grants-in-aid to non-members in either high school or college. Many chapters give scholarships to qualifying members furthering their education and grants-in-aid to non-members in high school or college.

At the international convention in Austin in 2018, the convention attendees voted to amend the governing documents of the Society so that scholarship fees paid annually by members go to the state organization and to the chapter, if the chapter has a scholarship fund.  A portion of the scholarship fee is no longer part of the revenue for the DKG International Scholarship Fund. Funding for international scholarships comes from contributions, bequests, and income from investments.

International, state organizations and chapters advertise their grants-in-aid and scholarships through their newsletters, websites, social media, and personal contacts. Members and state organizations are encouraged to give donations and bequests to the DKG International Scholarship Fund. Most importantly both grants-in-aid and scholarships support the vision of DKG, “Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide”.

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