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Monday, December 21, 2020

"Indebted" by Caitlin Zaloom

        The opportunity of providing a quality college education coupled with the problem of college affordability are currently hot topics and challenging issues facing students and their parents today. Parents are caught between a desire to provide their children with a better life through investment in their future and a look at family needs and assets that can affect the well-being of all concerned. In her book Indebted, author Caitlin Zaloom explores this problem and the financial pressures of paying for college.

        The student finance issue is complex and complicated. Zeroing in on these issues, Zaloom shows how the different government sponsored college investment programs can be an answer to the finance issue and help provide financial assistance, but she also brings out the problems associated with investment in these programs that middle class families may experience. Besides these programs the limited availability of federal grants based on middle class income and the filling out of the outdated FAFSA form that leads to the expected family contribution adds to the financial pressures of the college experience.

    Indebted was one of the top five books evaluated by the DKG Educators Book Award Committee. Author Caitlin Zaloom, through countless interviews with both parents and students involved, looks at the struggles, implications, and consequences of trying to navigate the financial process and make the financing of a college education work for them. This book is a must read and a valuable resource for all parents who are going through or have gone through the college financial maze.

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