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Friday, January 15, 2021

Bang #4 Scholarships

Are you pursuing an advanced degree? DKG is here to help you financially with your goal!

To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to non- member educators is the Society Purpose #5 and one the Society supports every year.

A scholarship fee is no longer a part of a member’s dues. Scholarships are supported through contributions, bequests and income from investments. Thirty (30) $6,000 USD scholarships are available to members working toward a master’s degree and thirty (30) $10,000 USD scholarships are available to members working on a doctorate degree.

The scholarship application is on the web and is due February 1, 2021. There is a Scholarship Application Tip Sheet that can be found under Resources and Scholarship Tools. 

Many members have benefitted from this generous resource. Will you be the next recipient to receive “More Bang for Your Bucks?”

For the Scholarship Tip Sheet or Scholarship Application log in to the website and:

    🠞Click on “Resources” then “Scholarship Tools”

    🠞Click on “Apply/Submit“ then “Applications”

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