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Thursday, March 11, 2021

DKGIEF: Foundation Outtakes #2 – March/April 2021

Did you know that both the Cornetet Individual Professional Development Award (CIPD) and its counterpart, the Cornetet Seminar for Professional Development Award (CSPD), are part of the nine funds coming under the auspices of the DKG International Educators Foundation (DKGIEF)? 

A former recipient of a CIPD Award expressed her gratitude for the significant impact this funding had on her: “Being a recipient [of a CIPD] has helped me grow as an educator. I attended a workshop with other educators who had a shared vision. It was exciting to collaborate meaningfully. I was surrounded by those who stay curious and celebrate learning. I met friends who continue to inspire me. I am so appreciative to the DKGIEF for this Award.” 

More information about applying for either a CIPD (applications due May 1, 2021) or a CSPD (applications due November 1, 2021) can be found in the DKGIEF column of the DKG News, Mar/Apr 2021 issue or on the DKGIEF page of the Society’s website. Money awaits! Fund your dream experience in education – all made possible through the generosity of a far-minded member whose bequest now provides meaningful opportunities for Society members. 

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