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Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Season to Celebrate Diversity!

One of the greatest successes within Delta Kappa Gamma is the organization’s diversity. This is an organization that thrives on diversity within its members in a multitude of forms. We all come from different continents, different religions, and different nationalities. We have new, experienced, and retired educators all working together to for the success of education all around the globe. We thrive on sharing our ideas, collaborating with new friends, and supporting our old friends as they embark on new adventures.

As we move into a season of celebration, find the beauty of diversity within your DKG chapter. Focus on how this diversity can help impact education globally. Encourage diversity. Embrace diversity. Celebrate Diversity. Let us all be a part of what this amazing organization embodies. We are truly a global organization of leading women educators! 

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  1. The wonderful thing about traditions is that they bring people together. Many traditions have been introduced to us from other countries and often have ancient roots. Some customs are traditional, with the emphasis on their religious origins, while others are of a contemporary, more commercial nature. Many of them have grown to be part of our lives. So have Christmas food and traditions which vary in different European countries:

    Did you know that the people in the Netherlands like to eat sea fish and venison at Christmas?

    Did you know that the Danes put rice pudding and nuts under the Christmas tree?

    Did you know that the Finns like to eat ham with mustard at Christmas?

    Did you know that people in Iceland eat skate – a large flat fish, or a wild bird at Christmas?

    Did you know that the Swedes like herring salad and pickled herring at Christmas?

    Did you know that people in Norway, as well as in other Nordic countries eat lutefisk – an air-dried whitefish?

    Did you know that the British eat roast turkey and Christmas pudding for Christmas?

    Did you know that the Germans eat roast goose or duck stuffed with apples, chestnuts, onions or prunes?

    Did you know that the Estonians eat black pudding (blood sausage) and sauerkraut (sour cabbage)?

    Warm Christmas greetings! Let’s embrace and celebrate diversity!

    Sent by Margarita Hanschmidt


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