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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Leveraging Social Media: Facebook

Are you wondering how Facebook can be useful for your DKG chapter or state organization? This particular form of social media can be a space for linking your members and sharing important information. But remember that, unlike personal Facebook pages, a chapter or state organization page needs to be more “official” in terms of posting appropriate and correct information.

Basic things you should do:
  • Your posts should be valuable, useful and entertaining to members.
  • Posts should be about your group.
  • Tell powerful stories about awards, activities, achievements, and projects to retain interest.
  • Be obsessive about replying to comments. (Be sure to set up notifications.)
  • Remember content is king.
  • Post smile-worthy content.
  • Be inspiring.
  • Be a source of information.
  • Post images!
  • Mix up the content types (photos, dialogue, and later video)
  • Post at different times of the day.
  • Post “Calls to Action”.
  • Use Facebook events.
  • Use compelling headlines.
  • Invite members to comment.

More Advanced things to try:
  • Try using Facebook Live . When you are comfortable, post these more often.
  • Use Insights Posts report to guide you. This will increase engagement.
  • Recycle popular posts.
  • Publish linked posts with multiple images to create a carousel.
  • Create videos, graphics, and posts that stand out and make people want to share.
  • Videos, videos, videos…this will increase visibility and engagement.
  • Experiment with Facebook ads. They are reasonably priced!

Beyond Facebook
  • Embed Facebook posts on your website or blog.
  • Re-post on Pinterest with a link back to your Facebook page.
  • Post the URL to a specific Facebook post on Twitter or in your newsletter.
  • Integrate your Facebook icon/link into your website, newsletters, emails, and printed material.

Ready to try a Facebook page? Do you already have a Facebook page? If so, how do you use it?

Facebook graphic is a CC0 from Pixabay.

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