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Sunday, January 29, 2017

DKG: Empowering Women in Leadership

One of the goals of the Educational Excellence Committee is to Empower women through leadership opportunities.  An objective to help us reach this goal is to Empower leaders to impact policy and people worldwide.  These words bring an image to my mind of Rosie the Riveter or Wonder Woman.  I visualize myself standing tall, confidently taking on any roadblock that would potentially stifle progress for women around the world.  This picture is inspiring, but it does not accurately describe my ability to empower leaders, who impact policy, that ultimately impacts people worldwide.
               Empowering leaders is often accomplished through one on one conversations, emails, or other personal communication.  I have the privilege of representing the citizens of my community as an elected member of our City Council.  My decisions or votes don’t have global impact, but they certainly impact policy and people in my little corner of the world.  I serve in that capacity because a group of women took the iniative to empower me through leadership opportunities.  I am forever grateful to them!

              Ask yourself how you can empower a leader, or potential leader.  Will words of encouragement or offers of assistance inspire a woman you know to run for elected office? Could your email impact a legislator’s vote? Would your involvement in a DKG Forum help inform others of educational issues around the world? Please consider how you can help Empower women through leadership opportunities. 

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