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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Welcome to the DKG International Finance Committee blog.  It is our goal to inform and educate members about DKG finances. We also want to build confidence and understanding for current and future financial leaders.  A major emphasis is to instill pride in our members by reminding them of the many accomplishments that truly impact education worldwide through their dues and contributions.

Each month we will post information about DKG finances that is pertinent throughout our membership.  We hope this monthly blog will reach all members. We encourage you to share this link to help increase better financial understanding throughout the Society.

We also hope that you will subscribe to our blog and receive monthly notifications about each post. You can do so by clicking on the subscribe button at the bottom of this post.

Being involved in your organization's health helps you understand and strengthen the Society. Let us all join together and lead as a financial ambassador for DKG.

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