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Friday, April 7, 2017

AWB: Thinking About Change and Tradition.

When I founded The Delta Kappa Gamma Society in 1929, women over 21 had only recently gained the right to vote—the same right held by men over 21. That huge change was effected by daring and courageous women and men, both of whom faced ferocious challenges. In 2016, a WOMAN was a candidate for the presidency of the United States! What tremendous strides have been made in the political rights for all women. 

The path to change is fraught with social, political, and social challenge. The person who chooses that path will be liked and loved as well as not liked and not loved. She must be passionate and sure about what she wants to accomplish. 

Thinking about change makes me wonder what occurs when members of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International discuss possibilities that affect “how we’ve always done it” attitudes. Do we listen and think WHAT is being suggested and WHY? I think the brouhaha members have made over maintaining some traditions can be detrimental to the real purposes of this Society. An example of that is that where a member wears her keypin is much less important than the fact that she has the RIGHT to wear a keypin. Tradition is important, but it’s not more important than the support and encouragement we give to each other. 

I didn’t create DKG from tradition; I created it as a way for women educators to support each other. Any changes that make such support and encouragement simpler are worth considering! 


  1. Traditions are beautiful foundations that support growth and community, not prevent change. I love the line from the Delta Kappa Gamma song "forward moving ever!" I hope for all of us, that we are able to view traditions with honor and regard, not as the end all be all.

  2. "I created [DKG] as a way for women educators to support each other."
    Thank you, Annie! Your inspiration continues to guide us as we move forward supporting each other on our path of change.


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