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Monday, April 17, 2017

EEC Inspiration 

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Delta Kappa Gamma International encourages all members to engage in purposeful programs and projects.  The strategic plans for both international and state organizations often include the following key points of consideration:
  • Provide resources for local programs to involve members in policy discussions on education.
  • Impact educator retention through support for early-career and all educators. 
  • Collaborate with DKG Forums to empower members in impacting educational legislation, policy and pedagogy. 
  • Provide strategies and resources for the integration of programs and projects that provide personal and professional growth, including but not limited to the visual and performing arts.

DKG strives to provide meaningful, engaging learning opportunities for our members.  Chapter leaders design professional development opportunities that create, shape and sustain a culture of learning communities.  They survey their members to determine areas of need as they plan these opportunities.  Many members have expertise in a wide variety of issues that are facing our teachers and are willing to share this in a workshop setting.  

In many states, provinces and countries, professional development opportunities are aligned with rigorous standards. Multiple opportunities for learning are provided in a variety of methods to honor individual learning needs. Teachers are encouraged to engage in thoughtful discussions relating to program topics, including the use of these standards in the classroom, strategies to support increased achievement in reading and math, social and emotional learning curriculum to name a few.  

High quality and effective professional development is necessary for 21st century teaching and learning.  As many states, provinces and countries face the crisis of teacher shortage, quality professional development is even more critical.  Membership in DKG is an excellent way to give teachers the necessary tools to meet this need.

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