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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Videos to Inspire Key Women Educators

Delta Kappa Gamma members understand the benefits and camaraderie of membership. Many, however, find it difficult to put those feelings into words. This is especially true when talking to potential new members.
Over the past several years, a number of videos have been produced that address these concerns. Although most of these videos are best shared in a group setting, some can be appreciated one on one.
Pick the one(s) that fit(s) your needs. Share your feelings about DKG with Key Women Educators who would be a good fit for our Society.
This video was produced by a California member, Christine Fuller, for Founder’s Day in 2015. It is about 15 minutes long and begins with a portion of our DKG song. Great dialogue accompanies our history.
This video was produced in 2010 but remains a favorite to share on Founder’s Day. A little over 7 minutes long, it was produced by Odalis Tavares using Animoto. The music is great!
Heather Waugh, from Ohio, produced a video using Animoto and answering the question “Why Did You Join.” The video was produced in 2015 and is about 3 minutes long. Its combination of short videos, photos, and text make it particularly good for potential members!
Amy Buddock does a great job explaining what DKG means to her. The video is about 1 ½ minutes long and would make an excellent introduction to DKG.
Cindy Roder shares her feelings about membership in DKG. This video is a little over a minute long and also provides a great introduction to DKG.
In a 1 ½ minute video, Betty Bertram explains the advantages of DKG membership. This video is another good one for potential members.

Which one will you use? Why not try more than one?

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