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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Focus on the Future: Forward Moving Ever

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Let’s focus on where DKG is going instead of where we have been. 

This Society is continually evolving. Often the way we evolve is very slow. For example, taking 4 years to make constitutional changes in a world filled with communication devices and at-our-fingertips exchanges is a throwback to how we were forced to communicate in other historical eras. Before typewriters and party lines existed, communication could only be slow because of the delay between exchanges. (The dateline at the beginning of a newspaper article originated before telegraphy of news. The dateline indicated the city of origin of a news item, and a reader could determine the currency of the information by counting the number of days it took a pony express rider to travel from that city to the reader.) Then typewriters and private telephone lines speeded up the process. Now, with email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram—and whatever else has come into being since I wrote the first sentence of this paragraph—we exchange formal and casual information in nanoseconds. We can make decisions–and should be—with fresh information at lightning speed. Just because “we’ve always” taken a long time to make decisions, affect needed changes, move forward, it doesn’t mean we have to continue to be delayed. We should be using our resources resourcefully to be “forward moving ever.”

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