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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pinterest for Teachers

In early December, this blog gave a general overview of Pinterest. A quick review: Pinterest is a social media platform that’s used to share ideas, designs, and inspiration of all types. Pinterest is a virtual smorgasbord of images. Think of it as a visual catalog where you can bookmark your interests. Instead of bookmarking great sites to your Internet browser and immediately forgetting about them, you can Pinterest to save, store, and then call up those pins quickly and visually.

Should you, as a teacher, be on Pinterest? YES! If you are not already a Pinterest user, this Guide will help you get started. After your account is set up, this link will give you an excellent overview on how things work.

What can you do?  You can curate pins for :
  • Your students - Appropriate content may include research, study ideas, and project help.
  • Yourself - Appropriate content may include ideas that can help you build a better classroom
  • Other teachers - Appropriate content may include lesson plans and educational resources
  • Parents - Appropriate content may include student portfolios and classroom policies.

How should you organize your boards? Boards can be organized in whatever way makes sense to you. They could be arranged alphabetically, topically, or seasonally.

If you don’t already have an account, set one up. Play around with it. Share specific ideas for use! You can also check out the DKG Pinterest account:  Great boards there will get you thinking!


  1. I have a Pinterest board for social media and when I see new things or good directions for social media, I pin it for quick reference later! Thanks for sharing the info on Pinterest!

  2. Great information! Remember that a Board can be made public or private when set up. I like that feature.


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