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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Avenues to Membership Now Available

During the 2018 International Convention the membership voted in changes to the Constitution and Standing Rules which allow for new membership options for chapters.  It is now possible to invite a woman to membership who left the teaching profession before retirement but is still very interested in education.
Another category of membership was created for women in the last two years of undergraduate or graduate level teacher preparation, the collegiate classification. This goes hand in hand with our international project of Supporting Early Career Educators. Below are some answers to questions about this classification.
  • Collegiate members cannot serve as an officer in the chapter. They can only be appointed to serve as a parliamentarian 
  •   Because of the prior bullet, there cannot be a collegiate chapter of all collegiate members
  • Collegiate members are not eligible for international scholarships 
  •  Collegiate membership will change to “active” membership upon graduation and employment in education
  • If a collegiate member does not complete an education degree and become an educator, her membership will be dropped 
  •  If you have questions about Collegiate Members’ dues and fees structure please contact your state membership chair who has received guidance on this written by the International Parliamentarian, Dr. Helen Popovich.
Remember these are new avenues your chapter can choose to travel or not depending on what your chapter decides but sometimes the “road less traveled” can bring the most exciting rewards!

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