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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Here is another rumor the 2018-2020 Nominations Committee is addressing to keep DKG members “in the know” …

Rumor has it that if you submit an application you’ll get selected for something. The Nominations Committee is charged to select the best candidates possible for the elected positions in DKG and to put forth those names for election.  They solicit nominees for the positions by holding workshops at international conferences, publishing articles in the DKG News and the Collegial Exchange, and by blogging on the DKG website.

Once applications have been received for elected positions an intensive deliberation of all applications begins. Each applicant indicates on her form the position which she seeks. An assessment tool is used to evaluate and rank each applicant.

On occasion an elected position has received no applications. When that has occurred members of the Nominations Committee must then search for a candidate for that position. That is accomplished by looking through the applications to find an individual qualified for the open position. Only applications originally submitted to the committee are reviewed since they reflect members who have expressed an interest in serving at the international level. Also, information to use in evaluating their qualifications is readily available on their application. This process follows ISR 8.82. g. (3), “The committee reserves the right to place a name in nomination for a position other than that stated on the application.”

Many applications are received for the 20 to 22 positions to be filled. That means that not all applicants will be selected as a nominee.  Just because an application is submitted does not mean that applicant will be put forth as a nominee. That’s just a rumor!

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