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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A New Look Is Coming!

In 1974, as the Society planned its GOLDEN Anniversary celebration, the idea emerged that a special fund – the GOLDEN Gift Fund – be established. The Society celebrated its GOLDEN Anniversary during the summer of 1979 using the theme: “We have defined our purposes; let us shape our destiny.” An ad hoc committee, formed in 1980 suggested creating the Leadership Management Seminar as a way to develop the leadership, communication and management skills of DKG members. The Leadership Management Seminar (LMS), supported by the Golden Gift Fund, is currently held during the summer of even-numbered years. Twenty-one seminars have been held since the first one in 1980 at Baylor. Subsequently, DKG members attending the 1982 International Convention in Atlanta voted to establish the Golden Gift Fund Committee as a Society Standing Committee.

The original vision behind the development of the LMS continues today. The 2018-2020 Golden Gift Fund Committee will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the LMS with “A New Look!” Be assured, the Golden Gift Fund is not going away. The LMS and our partnership with University of Texas will remain intact. Future blogs from this committee will highlight this new look as we share these topics:  “A New Name,” “A New Design,” “A New Application,” and “A New Experience.” A “New Look” is definitely coming!

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