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Thursday, March 7, 2019

When members have difficulty with change, it may help to consider the difference between things that are core and those that are peripheral. For example, the move from a strictly regional focus has raised concerns about some traditions such as presidents’ parades, flag ceremonies, state pictures, and the like. In many cases, these practices are peripheral to the core purposes for which they were originally established—and developing new traditions to meet these core purposes is a real possibility!
The admiration of our beautiful leaders dressed in their finery is enjoyable—but the core issue is honoring these women. This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways, many of which may be more palatable because they eliminate the need for “rehearsals” and, sometimes, the temptation to engage in fashion judgments!
The fluttering of flags may be inspiring, but again the core issue is recognizing the many state organizations that make up DKG. This can be accomplished in myriad ways that may be more practical in use of precious time at gatherings and transport/handling of flags themselves.
Rounding up members of the state organization who are in attendance for a photo may help to create a nice piece of memorabilia and/or history, but these core outcomes can be accomplished in myriad ways, particularly with the availability of digital cameras. In fact, photography at conferences and conventions is one of the best examples of a “new tradition”—members taking pictures at their own convenience for sharing and printing as desired—replacing an “old tradition”—members rushing to get to a single session group shot and paying for prints that might or might not be available quickly.
I am not saying, of course, that all traditions should be set aside. Rather, I hope that as members consider changes and the evolution of “new” traditions, they will take time to unearth the core reasons for the old. Given the creativity and energy of our members, developing new traditions to honor core purposes will certainly keep us forward moving ever.

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