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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A New Day! A New Name!

We need a new name for the Leadership Management Seminar!

The Leadership Management Seminar was launched in 1979 to celebrate the Society’s 50th anniversary. That was 40 years ago! During this time, members have learned more and more about leadership and best practices. There have also been many radical changes in the field of leadership. The name of the leadership training sponsored through the Golden Gift Fund no longer describes the training participants now receive.

Leaders are expected to understand how to react in a variety of situations, how people work and play together, and how to create the most effective teams to move forward. To accomplish these expectations a leader needs to know herself, both her strengths and weaknesses, as well as her capabilities. She also must be acquainted with the latest ideas regarding empowerment and how best to motivate and “ignite” others toward becoming their very best. To better describe the leadership training funded by the Golden Gift Fund the committee is proposing a name change to the training itself. That name will be presented and acted upon at the May 2019 Administrative Board meeting. Stay tuned to learn what that new name will be as we move forward toward the next training in 2020.

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