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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Branding is the Stepping Stone to Marketing

Thoughts from the European representative on the C&M Committee, Ingrid Stjernquist

Recently we celebrated International Women’s Day, which reminded us how important it is to build our branding of DKG and also to market what we are doing. 

Why is DKG such a glorious organisation? As one of my chapter sisters said, ”DKG is the only organization that empowers women to build a network of educators in other countries.” This important issue is part of our branding and something that we all enjoy. Branding fills a need. However, there is a difference between our member countries regarding how organizations for educators have developed. In Europe, we have many organizations which help with social security, such as teachers unions that help with educators' teaching environment, employment issues, laws and regulations but empowering women in their educational situation, that’s us. That's DKG.

Let’s find different ways to grow a market that leads to appreciation.

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