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Monday, February 24, 2020

How Should We Honor Our Deceased Members?

Focus #1: 

Honoring a Deceased Member…
The International Membership Committee is often asked about the need for chapters and state organizations to strictly adhere to the published procedural practices when planning the Celebration of Life/ Remembrance/Necrology Ceremony for a deceased member.

Our response is that chapters and state organizations are free to honor their deceased members by any processes and procedures they choose. Chapters and state organizations are not bound or restricted to any International Ceremony of Life/Remembrance/Necrology Service, including those suggested on the website or other publications.

The content of the ceremony is entirely at the chapter and state discretion. Many chapters and state organization do choose the traditional published ceremonies to provide continuity of practice. It is their choice.

Individualized ceremonies remind us of the personal aspects of our deceased member’s contributions to DKG. The International Membership Committee encourages unique and personal tributes appropriate to the memory of members; whether that be through printed biographies, testimonies, photographic displays, PowerPoints, necrology readings, music, artistic displays, deciding on the use of roses/ academic regalia or candles, or a combination of these or other enclosures when developing a personalized ceremony.

The important factor is to honor the member and to remember her service to DKG.

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