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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Bang #5 Emergency Fund


As a valuable member of DKG you are eligible for a $500 USD award from the Emergency Fund. If a DKG member experiences a major loss from floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, or other natural disasters, their chapter and state organization president may recommend they receive a $500 USD award from the DKG Emergency Fund.

The process is user friendly. The chapter president informs the state organization president of member(s) impacted by a natural disaster. Then the state organization president electronically submits Form 84 to the Executive Director with the name of the member, member’s chapter, current mailing address, date of the event, the exact natural disaster, and loss sustained. The form can be found at the website under ‘Forms-General’. Occasionally, additional information may be needed. The Executive Director approves the request and sends a check from Society Headquarters to the member(s).

The DKG Emergency Fund has been responding to disasters since 1948. Following a 1948 flood that destroyed Vanport, Oregon; the DKG News asked for monetary donations to help affected members living in Vanport. More than $3,000 USD was sent to headquarters to assist, and thus the Emergency Fund began.

Between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, seventy-nine (79) members impacted by natural disasters received funds totaling $39,500 USD. Members who have received assistance from the fund report how thankful they are for the help in a time of need, and appreciate how quickly it was received. Many are surprised, all are grateful.

The Emergency Fund is sustained totally from donations. A collection is held at international conferences. In addition, individuals, chapters, and state or province organizations may donate funds. Donations can be made to the Emergency Fund with a debit or credit card on the website under ‘Donate to DKGIEF’ or by sending a check made out to DKG Emergency Fund along with Form 43 from the site.

As they say, “members helping members”.


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