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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Spotlight Special


There’s something special about Delta Kappa Gamma members.  Maybe it’s their educational background or professional development opportunities they provide for others. It could be that the community is a better place because they are involved in ways to enrich the lives of those around them. Do you know a DKG member that you would like to place in the spotlight so all members could catch a glimpse of them? The 2020-2022 International Membership Committee developed guidelines to help you.

DKG International Membership Spotlight Guidelines (2021)
2020-2022 DKG International Membership Committee

1.  An application form will be provided on the website.

2. The information provided on the application will be used to determine the spotlight members as well as provide information for the spotlight article which will be written by the DKG International Membership Committee (IMC).

3. A headshot photo of the nominee will be sent separately at the time of the application and will not be provided to the committee.  The IMC will not see this photo during the selection process.

4. A rubric will be used to score the nominees.

5. No more than three nominees will be selected at one time to allow for additional nominees to be submitted.

6. All nominees will be removed when a new biennium begins.

7. Prior to the end of the biennium, a member of the DKG IMC will notify nominee sponsors by July 1 to invite them to resubmit the member application.


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