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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Projects to Use in a Virtual Setting

Members of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International are known for their generosity to projects sponsored throughout the Society as well as in their own communities.  The past year has altered the manner is which chapters and state organizations meet, but it has not altered the altruism of DKG members.  The following list of projects are suggestions of what can be accomplished in a virtual setting if in-person meetings are not occurring yet.  The virtual setting will be the choice of the chapters (Zoom, GoToMeetings, etc.) In some instances, the beneficiary of the funds is notated.  In others, chapters are encouraged to choose beneficiaries of their choice based on the needs of their communities.  

1. Supporting Early-career Educators (SEE) has a local flair when chapters include new teachers in a discussion of common struggles and possible problem-solving solutions.  Veteran teachers offer advice and mentoring as appropriate.  SEE teachers who participate are sent gift cards to provide support in purchasing necessary teaching supplies. 

2. Determine which social services in your area are in need of assistance. Some examples could be: homeless shelters in need of clothing; women’s shelters in need of personal hygiene items; foster children in need of bags to carry their belongings.  A chapter sends out a list to its members and at the following virtual meeting, members show what they have collected either through purchase or donations.  One member gathers these contributions and delivers the much-needed items to the organization/recipient. 

3. Auctions are a great way to involve members and gather monetary donations.  Members can determine the best way to exchange items.   

-   Purse auctions – Each member chooses a purse they no longer want.  In the virtual setting, these purses are displayed and the bidding begins.

-   Book auction – Book covers are shared virtually with members giving a short summary.  Members bid on their desired titles. 

-   Gift card auction – We all have at least one gift card we know we won’t use.  Why not put it up for auction? 

-   Jewelry auction – Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings for each finger would be available in a jewelry auction.  

4. “Change” for Schools for Africa would be an on-going project to last the year.  At each virtual meeting, members would have 3 minutes to gather all the change they can find in their home.  They would save that change from meeting to meeting.  At the end of the year, the change is collected and a total is announced with a donation to the SFA.  At the kick-off meeting, members could watch a SFA video together to set the stage. 

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