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Monday, April 12, 2021

Reinvigorating Your Chapter/Reflecting on DKG Purposes


Invigorate your members from the day they join and create excitement and energy! Something they saw or heard made them curious enough to join. Have you found out what that is? What did she find so important that she chose to be a member of your chapter? There are so many activities to choose from, but membership in Delta Kappa Gamma became a priority. Maybe she is working to further her education and became interested in the scholarships available for advanced degrees. Could it be that she has been looking for a group that she could join to grow personally as well as professionally? What did someone see in her that set her apart from other educators and they wanted to honor her with membership?

Uniting members in a genuine spiritual fellowship can be a lifelong connection. Connecting with other members and feeling a part of it all is so important and so invigorating! Members can receive energy from each other when they make connections. Whether you are a new member, or you’ve been one for a while, you still need that connection with other DKG chapter members.


Reach outside of your chapter to other educators and the community. Stay current with what is happening around you. Get involved in something special and worthwhile to make you feel connected to your chapter members as you are working together with purpose.


Delta Kappa Gamma uses the seven purposes to keep us focused on the value of being a part of it all! Renew your excitement and reinvigorate your chapter from this day forward!

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