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Sunday, October 16, 2016

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Some members Tweet. Some post to Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Some may watch videos on YouTube. When all is said and done, most members use at least one platform of social media.

Why should you use social media?

You can connect with friends across the world.
Social media is truly a speedy communication: you make a point and move on.
Social media fosters friendships.
You can find common ground on an important topic.
Important information is at your fingertips.
Social media is two-way communication.
It is a meeting point.
News is delivered.
Ideas are shared.
Keeps DKG members informed and builds pride in membership.
Encourages lifelong learning.

DKG has a presence on social media. Connect with them using your favorite social media platform.

Twitter: @DKG_SI
Instagram: @DKGSI

What is your favorite social media platform?  Why?


  1. My favorite is Facebook. I can make it as secure as I wish and lots of my DKG friends from around the world use it too. I love to see the personal photos and updates.

  2. I consider Facebook and Instagram as social platforms - keeping up on fam and friends (and former colleagues' life events, successes, travels). I like twitter for news, sports and institutional (like university) updates. LinkedIn is great for professional communication, especially for colleagues - present, past and new- who have a new position, and to keep up to date on current available openings for new professional possibilities. The sky's the limit on LinkedIn.

    1. Cynthia, Thank you so much for taking time to comment on our blog. The committee truly appreciates it.

    2. Thanks for reminding me about LinkedIn Cyndy - it is a valuable tool for networking and learning professionally!

  3. I like Facebook only because I haven't gotten the hang of using Twitter. I get lost in Pinterest and can't find my way out. But I know it just takes practice which I'm not doing. Youtube is great but I never think to use it with DKG. I'll have to give it a go.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Yettee. The videos available on YouTube are a great resource for chapter programs and/or for state organization meetings. Try it! You will like it!

  5. When I started on Facebook it was mostly for keeping up with friends and family. I love how I get to know new friends more deeply through their posts. Recently I have joined several professional pages and am enjoying the resources shared with common themes.
    I use Twitter to curate articles and network in my field. Tweet chats are one way to learn a lot and connect with many in a short amount of time.

    1. PS. I have also recently recommitted to being active in DKG communities. It's a safe space to exchange ideas with other members. And it's neat to see the power of collaboration.

    2. Tweeting is my preference. It forces me to be succinct in getting my views/messages out to all...short, sweet, to the point! That's me!


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