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Monday, October 31, 2016

Communicating with Email (Part 2 - Distributive emailing)

Email marketing companies (MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, etc) have several things in common. They have a good relationship with major ISP’s (Internet Service Providers such as Comcast, TWC, Juno, etc.). Otherwise your emails would not get delivered. They have support for the customer. They abide by common anti-spam policies in accordance with CAN-SPAM, the official anti-spam policy that requires a postal address, an unsubscribe option, information on how the recipient joined the list, and prohibits false or misleading headers and subject lines.

  • Personalization - Even though you can create one campaign/mailing in a very short time, each one can address the individual: ”Dear Helen.”

  • Tracking Date - Distributive email offers you the tools to check and analyze data in email campaigns. How many were opened?  When did they open it? Did any bounce? Why did it bounce? Links opened by users give the group an understanding of the audience and can help with planning future projects and outreach efforts.

  • Easy Customization - your email can look very professional using provided templates and your own images. It can convey your recognized “brand”.

  • Fast Sending/ Scheduling - Emails can be scheduled or sent in the matter of minutes

  • Importing Contacts - A very large list of contacts can be imported in a few minutes.

  • Integration with Social Media - Sharing with Facebook, Twitter, etc. is easy.

  • Surveys - Surveys are available with many providers.

  • Sign up new recipients - A signup form can be posted on your website/Facebook.

  • Delivery Problems - You can experience issues on delivering email campaigns. The problem occurs when recipients to do not receive the email message because it is filtered and classified as spam. That can happen on the provider level or on individual computers.

  • Recipient’s view - In other situations, the person does not open the email because the headline is not enticing, lacks appeal, or they don’t recognize the sender.

As either a provider or recipient, what experience have you had with distributive email services?

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  1. I have used both MailChimp and Constant Contact. I have had much success with both. If you have a small group (up to 2000 subscribers), MailChimp is free. Some of the more advanced features are not included in the free version. Both make my emails looks very professional! However, keeping your list up to date (correct email addresses) could be time consuming.


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