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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Website? Why? WHY NOT!

On every level of Delta Kappa Gamma, the importance of a website in communications is second only to using email. A website is the backbone for the business end of the Society.

Although many Society websites contain social aspects like photographs of events, the main focus is on communication of business. Meetings and special events are announced, sign ups posted, important downloads are available, and even the latest news are all available.

A website can be a marketing tool to build internal pride and externally to represent the active participation a chapter has to impact the local community. It can also serve as a recruitment tool.

Websites are free (Weebly) and easy to build. Six “How-To” videos are available and will guide you through every step!

DKG has made the biennium review super easy … a simple checklist to become compliant. Yet another great reason to build a website.

Although the current Society websites are in the process of submitting the compliance forms, you can get a new or rebuilt site evaluated any time of the year.

Wouldn’t your members like a website? Are you willing but anxious? Do you need a helping hand? Hey, we are here to help.  JUST ASK!


  1. Our chapter has a website but it has not been compliant so it is not linked to the Society website. We hope to work on meeting guidelines. Our challenge has been to keep it up to date. Our chapter communicates mostly through emails and as Friends on Facebook.

  2. A friend recently moved and found a new chapter because of that chapter's website! It showcased all the activities they had going on and she was impressed. A great recruitment tool, yes!

  3. Our state website helped a local library make contact with a chapter!

  4. Pictures of active members and how they are helping their community has inspired many people to join our organization to support education and educators. For website inspiration, visit websites linked on the DKG International website. Looking at these websites has inspired me as chapter and state webmaster.

  5. We need step by step instructions in creating a website that meets Intl requirements. Is that available on the Into website?

    1. Yes, the check list and form you that you'd need to fill out to meet international requirements can be found under: Resources--Forms--website(

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