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Monday, November 21, 2016

Leveraging Social Media: Blogs

Generally, chapters and state organizations rely on volunteers to develop and maintain social media. For this reason, it is wise to focus on no more than three social media tools. Get experience and then expand the use of the social media platform from there. And many believe that a blog is a good starting point.

Why a Blog?

  • Your blog will enable you to deepen relationships with your members. They will find fresh, relevant content that is useful to them and have a place where they can feel heard as they respond with comments.
  • Blogs are easy to use and maintain.
  • Blogs get more search engine results than traditional, static websites.
  • Blogs are less expensive to host and manage than traditional websites.
  • Blogs provide a more “human voice.”
  • Blogger (Google) is a free way to construct your blog; however, having a WordPress.Org blog (the gold standard) includes access to tons of free (yes, free) software ( i.e. ways to increase traffic, community features, auto sign-up, etc.) for your blog.
  • You’ll be able to learn more about social media by just jumping in and starting a blog.

A Few Tips for Your Blog

  • Titles are King - people see your title first and anticipate reading your blog. Titles are always the largest factor when search engines are indexing. Keep them short.
  • Each blog post should have one category and many tags.
  • Trim the fat - People don’t like to scroll...and scroll... and scroll.
  • Add subheadings
  • Add an image near the top; images help visitors stick around longer.
  • Incorporate clickable links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Are you ready to take a step into Social Media?Are you ready to start a blog? Could a chapter blog help connect your members and keep all members informed of issues and events?

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  1. On this Thanksgiving week, I'd like to give our C&P Blogger, Eileen, a big THANKS! for sharing information on communication and marketing tips with our DKG members.


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