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Monday, November 14, 2016

Plan, Plan, Promote

Getting someone else to tell your story is what publicity is all about. It is usually at no cost and effective. The media are willing to promote a non-profit.

General Tips
  • Recognize that your group must constantly work to communicate with the outside world.
  • Ask what can you do without much (or any) cost.
  • Set short-term goals to become more visible to community groups.
  • Set more general, long-term goals that will reach beyond your immediate group.
  • Collaborate as a team, make a master list of the best ideas and work these into your goals.
  • List ways to bolster your PR, i.e. press releases, promotional events, Internet marketing ideas, etc.
  • Designate who is responsible for what, including a time frame for each campaign.

Basic Publicity Tools
  • The News Release: This should present your story/event after it occurs and include the 5 W’s. There should be a “hook” at the very beginning, much like the lead paragraph in a news story. Including quotes from an expert, board member or keynote speaker lends credibility and puts a human face on the subject.

  • Backgrounder: This is an overview of your group (mission, etc.) and would be included with press releases to provide additional information.

  • Media Advisory/Media Alert: An advisory is like an invitation to the media to attend your event. The alert is used to promote an event and is sent out a week or so before the event. In both instances, the 5 W’s are always included.

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