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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Facebook: Establishing a chapter/state organization account

Did you read the last blog concerning Digital Legacy? If not, please read that first.
Facebook demands that a “page” for your chapter/state be set up from an existing account. Many chapters/state organizations have done just that. Unfortunately, when the time comes to hand over the account to another member for management, it is very difficult to do. There are directions, but they don’t always work. Directions HERE.
Facebook is a valuable tool to reach your membership and beyond. If your chapter/state organization wants to establish a Facebook account, a few tips follow.
First make sure you have a generic email address established. Gmail is a great alternative. Write down the email address and the password for it!!  You don’t want to use a personal email address.
Next go HERE to begin a new Facebook account.

 In the name portion, you must put something that relates to your chapter/state organization BUT doesn’t sound like an organization. For example, use the initials of your chapter or state organization for the required first name; a chapter named Alpha Delta would enter A.D. as the first name. 
LAST NAME:  use state or area name, such as Ohio. If Facebook questions it, change the last name to something generic like River or Red or Rose.
Next input the email you established. 

Put in a password.  WRITE IT DOWN.
Choose the date your group was established.
Choose Female.
Re-read the Digital Legacy blog. Establish the legacy protocol for this account.
Give it a shot! Facebook is a valuable tool.


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