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Monday, November 27, 2017

I have a Facebook Page. Now what do I do?

Be sure you read the previous articles about setting up a Facebook  account and setting up a Facebook Page.

Because you want members to access your Facebook Page, make sure you publicize  it. Include the URL in your newsletters, announce at meetings, and put it on most documents.

But most importantly, put a link or even two on your website. If you construct your website using Weebly, you can link to your Facebook Page through the social media icons. But if you want you members to “Like” your page, see the directions on this LINK.

Follow the directions given, making sure you have copied and pasted the URL of your Page (not the basic account).
Hint 1: you don’t have to change anything on the Like Button Configurator. Just make sure you have pasted in the URL for your Page.
Hint 2: for Weebly, choose iFrame for the correct  code.


What can I post on it?

  • Photos from a meeting or event  (draws in more members than does anything else).
  • Announcements (Hint: use to create graphics; it is free.)
  • Calendar reminders
  • Links to new information on your website (e.g. scholarship applications, etc.)
  • Link to newsletter
  • Surveys (fill-in-the-blank or a multiple choice)
  • Sign Up for event ( is free.)
  • Upload/link to videos
  • Link to International publications
  • Link to International website
  • Like both the official DKG Facebook Page and DKG Facebook Public Group

Additional tips: Post regularly, keep posts short, complete the “about section,” and post images, images, images!

What ideas can you add?  Please share!


  1. Thanks for all the good information about using Facebook for chapters!

  2. I like to post files and documents in the Files feature on the Facebook page. In addition, the poll and events features are useful. Elizabeth Rapp Turner on Facebook. .

  3. Pictures and videos from chapter meetings, projects, honors to members, state meetings, regional and international meetings. From Dorothy Sample on Facebook.


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