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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

An Educational Resource for Everyone

 Don’t let the title fool you! Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a website directed to active teachers, but the resources available are valuable to everyone. Chapters and states are looking to technology, specifically Google Drive, to improve communications. This site will help in that journey.
Each day, at least one and sometimes as many as three new postings are made to the website at
Information can be accessed by grade level (through Grade 8), subject matter, or topic. A wonderful chart of great websites for specific subject matter is available.
The site covers Android, Chrome, and iPad. It is easy to search for your topic. For example, a search for “graphics” yielded 19 recent postings. Need a template for a newsletter? This website has links to several.
Google Drive is addressed in detail. Cheat sheets, charts, and posters help to explain concepts. Guidelines are itemized (see Figure 1); however, new items are constantly added. For example, “5 Important Google Drive Collaborative Features Teachers Should Know About” was added in February (see Figure 2).
Everything is free to use.
If you choose to follow the site on either Facebook or Twitter, you will get notifications when new items are posted.
It is well worth your time to investigate this website. There will always be something you can use, and you will return to it again and again.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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