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Monday, February 5, 2018

Making a Difference

We Founders wanted to make changes in society that gave women educators the same rights and opportunities given to others. My female colleagues and I were frustrated and disappointed that we were held to a standard different from our male colleagues. We twelve were merely women educators who wanted equal standing. We were like thousands of other women teachers. We did not have extra powers or insight. We were ordinary women educators who seized an opportunity to make a difference. We did not want to be required to work twice as hard and twice as long for less pay to prove that we could chair academic departments, deserve scholarships, lead committees, and make financial decisions. We just wanted to be given equal career opportunities.  

DKG can lead social change by protecting and speaking for the underprivileged, the “different,” the needy, the displaced, the frightened, the unschooled, and the unnoticed. In fact, women educators are the most influential population in making changes that benefit all.   

YOU—the woman reading this—have the same power of resolve and the same spirit of what is fair that the Founders had. Every day YOU have the opportunity, challenge, and right to lead the way for tolerance of others, fair treatment, and strong direction that impacts individuals of vast numbers. I encourage you to seek out situations where you can be an example and a living leader of fairness, kindness, shared resources, and change for the better. It will not be easy, but it will be right.  

The way you approach directions in society is the same way to approach directions in DKG. Know your options, gather your information, form your thoughts, and act on what is right to make a difference for all. 

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