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Monday, February 26, 2018

Meet Darya, a DKG World Fellowship Recipient

Darya is a Fulbright scholar from the Ukraine, a brilliant World Fellowship recipient with very high aspirations. Get to know her better by reflecting on her thoughts as she expresses them through her Personal Essay.

In her own words…
In 5 years from now I plan to put in action a new methodic approach in language and culture teaching, and this step is crucial for me. For now, a real chance to attend a university in America, the land where teaching methods have been getting the nation forward for the last two centuries, appears to be a dream come true for enriching my knowledge and improving myself as a professional. Thereby, it will contribute not only to my personal development, but also lead to the further prosperity of philological science and the methods of teaching in my country. Since I started learning foreign languages at school, I have been fascinated by my studies. I always realized that knowing several languages, and English in particular, can build the best bridges of understanding between people to share experience, interests and knowledge …. I discovered that intertextuality of culture, represented in various works of art and literature, appears to be the key to understanding how diversity merges with unity.
Understanding the dialogue of intermedia, their confluence, basic trends of cooperation, and the unique sense of time inside media matrix has not been studied profoundly. I would be able to compare Ukrainian, European, and American teaching schemes and trends and analyze them. Prospectively, I see myself writing a PhD thesis on implementing the outcome of my research in Ukraine… I have been creating events, translating written works, and interpreting speeches of foreign volunteers coming to my native land, helping in organizing cinematic, scientific and social events in Ukraine and abroad, coordinating and managing the work of charity and youth organizations. I aspire to be a part of my motherland’s future, and I strongly believe that bringing back all the knowledge and experience I will get in the USA is going to help me in becoming the leader of opinions for my folk to be proud of.

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