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Monday, March 23, 2020

How Do We Recognize The Contributions Of Our 50+ Year Members?

The chapter is the heart of DKG. As the chapter functions, so goes the Society. So what is the chapter status of 50+ year members?  Examination of this question in some chapters has revealed that some members are still actively contributing to DKG on the chapter, state organization and international level and others are no longer able to do so. How does your chapter honor the contributions of 50+ year members?  What practices are found in your chapter customs or chapter rules? Chapter membership chairs need to have members complete and periodically update a biographical information form which should contain contact information, with the directions for preferences of continued membership, should the member become unable to make their own financial or membership decisions.

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  1. NC DKG Nu Chapter recognizes years of service with a special ceremony we call Treasured Roses. A tribute, compiled from information in their biographical data forms, is shared for each member with her contributions to all levels of DKG and they receive a years of membership pin (every 5 years), a certificate, and a red rose. Members begin receiving recognition at 15 years of service. As Membership Chair, I have created a Google Sheets Biographical Data Form that was completed for each member and shared with her. We have a work session at one meeting per year to update forms, but each member can update her form at any time.
    Since the Biographical Data Sheet is an International form, is there a statement about preferences of continued membership that could or should be added to that form?


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