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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Part 2: Virtual Programs while Social Distancing

Here are some virtual programs and projects that you could consider doing with your chapter members from the comfort of your living room while we are practicing social distancing. 

  1. If you’re retired, reach out (from home) to current educators and see if they need any help.
    1. Record yourself reading a story to share with students
    2. Offer your email address to help answer students’ questions online
  2. Plan time to take a virtual tour of a museum or gallery and then discuss online as a group. 
    1. Take a Trip to the San Diego Zoo 
    2. Watch the animals at the Georgia Aquarium
    3. Watch a Live Stream of Polars Bear in the Tundra  
    4. Visit the Louvre Museum in France 
    5. Take a trip to China and explore The Great Wall Of China
    6. Take in an opera at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC
    7. Admire all of Van Gogh’s work at The Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam
    8. Visit over 500 Museums and Art Galleries all over the world
    9. Travel new places using Google Earth’s Virtual Reality
  3. Let your artsy side on a poem and or piece of art and consider submitting it to the DKG Fine Arts Gallery  
  4. Have a book chat
  5. Do a film study.  Watch the same movie and use online mediums to discuss
  6. Watch a TED Talk together 
  7. Try meditation using one of the many videos on youtube

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