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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Do You Know Any Teachers?


In talking to retired DKG members they are often quoted in saying, “I do not know any teachers.” I would like for you to consider the possibilities. Do you have a grandchild? If so, get to know that teacher by volunteering in her classroom or in that school. Ask the principal about your grandchild’s teacher and other teachers they consider to be exemplary.

Talk to the superintendent of the schools and request a list of teachers of the year, Nationally Board Certified teachers and other award-winning educators. These educators are making a difference in the lives of students and would be excellent DKG members.

Do you live near a community college or university? What a wonderful place to get to know the educators and to ask them to join our Society! Did you know you could invite a college student studying education to be a collegiate member of DKG? I imagine in your community you know someone who is going into the field of education.

Remember someone believed in you and over time you have become a stronger professional educator because of the DKG members who have mentored you and encouraged you to be the best you can be! There are endless possibilities of educators to invite for membership! Just look in your own neighborhood! Share the DKG story! 

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