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Friday, June 4, 2021

We’re Back!

Have you been searching on the DKG Blogs for ISF news? We have been developing a new application form for candidates applying to be an ISF speaker which allows them to offer a virtual presentation. If you are thinking of applying, the application form will be available on the Society website from July 1-September 15 under “Forms.” 
Are you a State Organization President? Are you looking for ways to connect your members to some of the other countries that make up our international organization? We have 29 members from a variety of countries who are willing to speak on a wide range of topics along with informing your members about the different cultures and customs of their home country. November 1 and May 1 are the two deadline dates for requesting an ISF speaker. You might want to consider having the speaker at a time other than your spring conference and convention – especially if the ISF speaker is offering a virtual presentation. 
Is there someone in your state organization that you think should be on the ISF Speakers list? Sometimes a little encouragement is all it takes for the rest of the DKG community to know about this amazing educator. Let the ISF Committee members know about your recommendation and we would be happy to contact them with further details. 
Our blog post will be bringing you updates regularly on what your ISF Committee members are planning. 

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